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3 Mistakes That Are Hindering Your Fitness Journey

Are you working out everyday without seeing any results? Putting in the work without any progress? We hear you!!

Here are 3 major mistakes you can rectify to start seeing results.

1. Not fueling your body adequately

Consistently eating less can sabotage your fitness goals as well as your health. It not only makes it harder to attain a healthy weight, but it can also put you in serious trouble.

Best way to go about this is to eat a diet rich in whole foods. DO NOT fall into the unending loop of fad or crash dieting. No single way of eating fits all. So, figure out the diet that makes you feel good which you can stick to long term.

2. Don't overdo it

Feeling tired all the time? It's probably because you are exercising too much.

Too much exercise can do more damage than good. It can lead to anxiety, losing motivation, mood swings, overeating etc.

How often you want to workout depends on your body and goals. But rest days are equally important. A rest day allows your body to recover, adapt and become stronger.

3. Not getting enough sleep

Sleep affects our metabolism, immunity etc. Sleep gives body the time to recover and repair. Without sleep, body can't recover from the stress you put on them during workouts. This results in breaking down your muscles without giving them the time to recover.

So how much sleep is enough sleep?

It is advisable to get anywhere between 7-9 hours of sleep everyday. Keep in mind though, the sleep needs of each individual can still vary. For detailed information regarding the same, you can check here.

Fitness is about moving in a way that brings you joy and getting better everyday. There is no one-shoe-fits-all in fitness. Find out what brings you happiness and what is sustainable for you in long term.

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